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Prospecting and Objection Handling: Templates and Best Practices for Sales Success

An easy-to-use guide full of templates, best practices, and strategies for salespeople and managers looking to close deals.

This in-depth guide includes:

  • Data-backed behaviors top sellers use to combat pushback

  • How to write effective meeting invitations (and a template to get started)

  • The etiquette of sharing meeting scheduling links

  • A three-step objection handling framework (with examples)

  • The five most common sales objections and scripts for how to address them

Everything a salesperson needs to schedule meetings with prospects and address their concerns.

Scheduling meetings with potential customers and handling any objections they bring are core parts of a salesperson's everyday life. Whether it's timing, perceived needs, or budget concerns, prospects can always find a reason to push back on what you're offering. The good news? Sellers who successfully defend their product against buyers' objections can have a close rate as high as 64%.

Landing a meeting with your ideal customer and handling pushback can make or break your sale. Your ability to overcome objections and brush-offs calmly, cooly, and with the right data-rich stories, will differentiate you in these times of virtual selling.

Use these best practices and templates to get your close rate up and to the right!

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Best-in-class companies use these actionable tips to drive their sales close rates up to 64%.

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