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The Sales Closing Guide: 3 Deal-Closing Methods

An easy-to-use sales closing guide, with three tactics you can use right away to start getting results.

This in-depth guide includes:

  • Using an ROI calculator for your prospects

  • Using time based incentives to move your prospect along the sales process

  • How to ask confirmation questions

  • Sales question templates you can use today

  • And more!

Everything a salesperson needs to start moving their close rate up and to the right.

We sifted through hours of sales training footage from our internal meetings in order to hand-pick the best tactics just for you.

These methods were developed through hard-fought sales learnings. We’re confident that once you practice these methods enough, you’ll be on your way to many more ‘closed-won’ deals.

We'll be taking you through ROI calculators, champions in the sales process, time based incentives, confirmation questions, and so much more.

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Best-in-class companies use these actionable tips to drive their sales close rates up to 64%.

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